8 Google Ranking Factors in 2018

8 Most Important Google Ranking Factors in 2018

8 Most Important Google Ranking Factors in 2018

BackLinko, a popular SEO Blog, recently published their Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2018). Yes, Google now uses over 200 factors in their search ranking algorithm.

Their report lists 209 Google ranking factors. The most important

Google Ranking Factors



Alphabet, Inc. and Facebook own the majority of online search vehicles.

SEO updates for 2018 &

Google Ranking Factors


Google Featured Snippets are here to stay. Just getting into Google Top 10 Search Rankings for a keyword isn’t good enough anymore. The lucky one who gets into the Featured Snippet gets noticed by everyone immediately.

Personalized searches (using Artificial Intelligence) guess what someone really looks for in a search query. Factors such as his/her geographic location, past search history, and web surfing enables Google to tailor search results based on what he or she likes.

Content is still King because search engine queries seek information based upon quality content. Search engines answer questions posed by users by recommending the best content.

True experts provide the best answers to search engine questions. Therefore, sites regarded as true experts on a given topic will rank higher with search engines. Don’t use amateurs and content mill factories to write your blog posts and web pages.

Topic Clusters are the new content marketing strategy for 2018. The main keyword “pillar” web page surrounds itself by numerous same or similar keyword “cluster” pages linking to the pillar page.

Mobile Devices in 2018 determine a site’s search rankings more than its desktop version.

Facebook emphasizes its News Feed content to arouse user interest who spend more time on Facebook. This requires writing more meaningful news feeds.


Google Featured Snippet is the new Top Ranked (#1) Search Result offering greater exposure than the traditional #1 organic search result listed below the featured snippet.

2018 SEO updates requires quality content, website trust, referring authority domains, higher click through rates, longer dwell time, mobile usability, more relevant backlinks, and superior on-page SEO.

In a Nutshell

In 2018, your blog and website needs to follow google ranking factor :

Superior content writers to help your site achieve higher Google search rankings. Your site needs “true expert” content. Your content needs to link to good sources and references. Viewers need to dwell on your site improving click-through-rates because the content interests and informs them.

Topic Clusters to push keywords into higher rankings.

Featured Snippets inclusion to increase your site viewability.

Superior Facebook News Feeds content increasing exposure.

Improving Content Quality for your blog and website should obtain higher Google Search Rankings, inclusion in Google Featured Snippets, and the ability to gain Trust from your viewers in 2018.

Credit – Steven Rich, MBA

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